MOS and JE = <3

because we believe in coincidences

MoS is <3
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MOS is a joint community brought to you
by rin_3 and candy_swirlz.
Basically it's our fic writing/graphic journal which
may or may not containYAOI SMUTTY fics* and
other random stuff.

[*all entries will be f-locked]

Most of the graphics and fics here feature teh sexy pretty JE boys
especially the juniors
because they srsly deserve more lurves.

disclaimer: we don't own them. just the fic XD
so yabu may or may not be gay and he may or may not
be screwing inoo. but srsly, it's just more love to
think he is. <3

take note of these rules:
strictly no flaming, guys.
no hotlinking.
prease to credit.
comments are not necessary but they're muchly <3-ed.
don't claim things here as your own.
don't edit.
textless icons are NOT bases.

credits/resources here
like our stuff? you are welcomed to join this community :DD.

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