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MOS and JE = <3
because we believe in coincidences
1st-Jan-2007 02:03 am - NewS 2007
dbsk - jaeho! aceteam

but uchi and kusano are (currently) completely out of news so...
OMG UCHI, KUSA, please try hard and get back on SC!
21st-Dec-2006 10:09 am - MOD POST
dbsk - jaeho! aceteam
Apparently we didn't make it clear enough in the User Info page, but rin_3 and I have come to the consensus that jelove_mos started as our personal graphics and fanfiction writing journal and we plan to keep it that way so as you guys can see, we've done a bit of revamping -- removed a couple of posts.

We're sorry about doing this, it seems kind of sudden and might throw some people off balance. So we decided to make it clear once and for all so everyone knows.

To chocoblu, we'll be removing this post in three days (or as soon as you comment back with your answer) because we want all fic requests to be COMMENTED in the fic request post. It's up to you if you want to repost it there, otherwise, if you want to just remove it, that's fine too.

In other news, we are actually really, really nice people. <3 So sorry about this! Just a little picky with the neatness of the comm. To soften the blow, more fic is coming (community-locked). After Shoon's Birthday, the Shoon fic will once again be f-locked.

Thanks guys! Merry Christmas. (join the comm!) XD

6th-Dec-2006 01:40 pm - yuta icons :)
.roxas. // .existence.
hey guys. sorry for the late update.
Yuta icons under the cut. enjoy :D


because Yuta srsly deserves more <3s :DCollapse )
30th-Nov-2006 12:24 pm - icons
.roxas. // .existence.
yo minna-san~<3 \^o^/
me am back. :DD equipped with icons~<33

3x yamabu
8x shoon


and shoon screws yabu :DCollapse )
29th-Nov-2006 10:34 am(no subject)
.roxas. // .existence.
Welcome to jelove_mos! :D
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